Digitization of processes

The world is constantly evolving and we must ensure that our companies progress with it. With the digitization of industrial processes, we would automate many of our operations; increasing productivity, our profits and improving customer relations. In the digitization process, tools such as the Big Data, the artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT)

Why should I automate my company’s processes?


Today, the goal of most companies is to increase the company’s productivity and efficiently manage resources. A good way to achieve this is through automation of repetitive processes. Automation means that repetitive activities that were previously performed by humans will now be performed by machines. Thus, we will be able to use our human resources in other activities. As a result, we would improve many aspects of our company.

It is important to highlight that, The automation of a company must be done progressively and it evolves together with the organizational culture, the management of information and the relationship with customers and suppliers. It should be taken into account that one of the most widely used forms of automation today is the digitalization of processes and this could bring us the following benefits:

Better quality products

By employing digital technology tools in your company, the products and services you produce will improve in quality because machines are better at identifying patterns and are more adept at mechanical tasks than humans.

Reduce production costs

You must take into account that, in companies that have not automated their processes, there will always be hidden costs due to inefficiency or uncontrolled business activities.

On the other hand, the company’s productivity will increase, allowing it to produce a greater quantity of products and services in less time, thus increasing profits.

Win customer loyalty


When repetitive processes start to improve; the quality of your products, the prestige of your company, and your relationship with your employees, customers and suppliers do too. At this point you begin to build customer loyalty. This is one of the most important benefits that automation brings, because customers play a fundamental role in a company.

Today, many companies use cloud platforms to communicate effectively with their customers. These platforms allow the customer to see in detail everything the company has been doing for them. They can download documents from a document manager, request modifications to the project, view statistics, among others.

It is important to emphasize that, even if the aforementioned aspects can be improved, the management indicators must be constantly analyzed.

Management indicators and digitization of processes

Management indicators are in charge of evaluating the company’s performance to measure the level of efficiency or to know what its customers think. These indicators speak of the company’s prestige and consumers take them as a reference to establish comparisons between companies in the same line of business and to know which one they will buy from.

General management indicators

Taking intuitive actions in companies could lead to costly mistakes. Therefore, it is important to constantly evaluate these indicators to know how the company can improve and to know which processes can be digitized. Here are some of the general indicators used by most companies:

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Profitability.
  • Productivity.
  • Cost of acquiring new customers.
  • Recurring revenues
  • Industry penetration.

By looking at these general management indicators, we understand the importance of constantly evaluating them. If we do not evaluate them, we would not know if our customers are dissatisfied, how much money we should use to attract new customers and whether or not we could be more productive.

It is important to emphasize that we should have customized management indicators to help us improve areas that are in sync with our company’s philosophy or objectives. For example, we could reduce electricity costs through process digitalization,increase sales, and increase the efficiency of industrial processes.

By automating our company’s processes, we would reduce the number of mechanical activities performed by users. This would result in an increase in the company’s innovation levels.

Importance of digitizing innovation

Advances made in your company as a result of increased levels of innovation will add value to your company and its products, and this information will be of critical value to your company.

You must take into account that nowadays the levels of staff turnover in companies are quite high and you must find a way to save all the information in cloud services. If an important employee of your company decides to leave and you don’t keep track of the progress, you would lose valuable information…

Therefore, just as you should be constantly collecting information on your company’s management indexes, you cannot forget to store information on your company’s innovation progress.


Digitization of processes

Companies do not automate overnight. One of the ways to start is by automating one of the most recurring processes in your company, the payment of your employees.

Finally; if you want to digitize the company’s processes, you must have a critical eye on all the company’s processes, innovate in industrial processes and constantly work with the management indicators that relate to your company.

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