How to make online sales?

It is clear to everyone that the current economic situation is forcing companies to redesign themselves. This means creating new products, reaching new markets or using new sales channels, including online sales.
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Why sell on-line?

Therefore, whenever a company requires an appropriate commercial expansion, it will have to think about online sales. Hence, the need to use digital technology resources to sell more. For whatever you want to do, using the resources of digital technology and digital transformation gives access to a greater number of potential customers and greater productivity at work. Learn about the benefits of cloud computing.

With online sales you can sell your products, services and solutions not only in your city or country, but also globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While this is a very attractive offer, the reality is that it is not so easy to achieve.

How to achieve it?

Having a clear online sales process is key


Post messages on social networks or search engines about possible solutions to needs or desires, and thus, direct them to the link that contains the product or service that satisfies those needs or desires.

Information and training

Providing general or technical information on the general framework and context of your products or services.


Comparing the characteristics and benefits with other products or services offered in the market, highlighting the differentiating and favorable elements.


Presenting a quotation or showing the prices offered, at which the customer can purchase the product or service.

Main Advantages of an Online Sale

On-line sales are within the reach of any business. However, it is not enough to have a website. It is necessary to carry out actions so that customers get to know it and visit it frequently. Although it is always advisable to have a clear public relations strategy, which contemplates the information purpose of a web page, to give clear lines to the content of the same.

Flexibility of supply

Have the ability to add or remove products or change prices, when required.

Low Costs

Compared to the option of physical sales, savings are achieved in the cost of infrastructure, personnel, utilities, in general.

Audience reached

With a website you can reach customers anywhere in the world. Especially when the products are digital.

Relationship creation

Thanks to CRM and chats you can create and maintain relationships with your customers quickly. In addition, valuable information can be collected from them.

How to maximize online sales?

To achieve the best results, online sales requires support and integration with the following applications:

Having a CRM

To be able to track the activities of potential customers, automate tasks, facilitate the offer and contracting processes and integrate virtual communication channels such as chats.

Develop email marketing actions

Automate mail communication processes and reach a larger number of people. It is important to emphasize that it is not advisable to flood customers with information too often.

Having an appointment manager

To promote customer self-service and facilitate the management of commercial agents.

Social Marketing

Creating content of interest to your target group promotes proper brand positioning, and generates leads from future customers. It is always advisable to have several digital marketing strategies in place

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