The importance of a good process design to deliver a product or service!

To provide a service or build a product, each company must design its tasks accordingly. These processes must be highly efficient in the use of resources. People are the most valuable resource for companies, so it is crucial to link them efficiently to activities. Simplicity and agility are fundamental requirements.

Main processes of an organization

Customer Affiliation

- It involves marketing, sales, service and commerce stages.
- Create multiple channels of communication and public relations management.

Resource management

It comprises processes related to operations, finance and human resources management.

Supply Chain

It guarantees the delivery of the value proposition of any organization.

Human Resources

People are the main asset of an organization and must be cultivated, developed and promoted.

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Main procedures of an organization

We have grouped the objectives of an organization into two main categories:

  1. main:

Allocation of resources

  1. Includes activities related to operations, finance and human resources management.

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Customer buys
  • It involves marketing, sales, service and trade managers.
  • Create multiple channels of communication and public relations management.

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What are the benefits of automating process management?

Automation not only reduces the workload required to meet the objectives of a process, but also offers benefits such as:

Time reduction

It is required to eliminate repetitive tasks in charge of people, they will be more analytical and proactive by having useful tools that facilitate their work.

Operational Efficiency

By having reliable and accessible information available in a timely manner, productivity is improved by reducing the time required to perform tasks, the effort required and the associated costs.

Reliable Information

Knowing the status of an order or opportunity allows customers and partners to increase confidence, detect opportunities and make decisions with ease.

What type of customers is process automation aimed at?

This product is oriented to companies facing serious difficulties in areas such as:

Delay in tasks

  • Internal communication and coordination problems.
  • Failures in time estimation or clarity in the scope of tasks.

Customer dissatisfaction

  • Dissatisfied customers and negative perception of the service and the company.
  • Inefficient communication channels and untimely responses.


  • Lack of process control and monitoring indicators.
  • Ambiguity in responsibilities and process flows.

Inability to control costs

Difficulty in controlling budgets and high costs.

Difficulty in obtaining information

Isolated information with long information preparation times and poor information quality.

Administrative charges

The people responsible for the processes report excessive time spent on administrative tasks: sending emails, filling out forms, transcribing data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proper process design is crucial to ensure efficiency in the use of resources and effective delivery of products or services. Good design optimizes productivity and profitability.

The main processes include customer affiliation, resource management, supply chain and human resources management.

Some strategies include measuring productivity, setting clear objectives, automating processes, providing training and centralizing information.

Automation reduces time, eliminates repetitive tasks and allows for a more analytical and proactive approach.

Identify the tasks to be automated, use intelligent technology such as RPA or AI, define clear objectives and select appropriate tools. Train your team for a successful implementation.

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