8 industries we revolutionized

At Ecoeffy, we revolutionize industries with innovative technological solutions. We drive efficiency, reduce costs and build a more sustainable future for 8 key sectors. Find out how we can transform your business.


In the chemical industry, we offer solutions designed to improve plant and facility operations. In addition, we reduce waste and provide greater production capacity. However, we also focus on reducing unit costs and greenhouse gas emissions. In short, our solutions increase yields, efficiency and quality compliance.

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chemical products



In the mining industry, discover how Ecoeffy’s end-to-end solutions are enabling ‘Mine to Port’ or ‘Mine of the Future’ concepts. We help mining operations overcome daunting challenges such as cyclical market demand, aging production assets and a workforce in transition.

> Mining industry

See how upstream, midstream and downstream companies are leveraging digital solutions to keep up with production demands while optimizing safety, efficiency and profitability. Understand how each solution is complemented by consulting, engineering and design and implementation services.

> petroleum industry

energy industry

Power Generation and Utilities

Discover how the energy industry is improving safety and facilitating regulatory compliance, operational training and advanced process control. Together these solutions allow a power plant to operate at maximum performance, regardless of its heat rate.

> Energy industry

We help pulp and paper producers create innovative solutions for new opportunities and drive efficiency and productivity, resulting in more profitable and sustainable businesses despite industry challenges.

> Paper industry

pulp and paper

Food and beverages

We help food and beverage producers with the tools to enable safe, profitable, repeatable and sustainable operations. We especially like to work with consumer packaged goods manufacturers where there is a lot of potential.

> Food Industry

Water and wastewater utilities take advantage of our solutions to provide high quality, affordable and sustainable service to their customers. Explore our portfolio that will help you manage performance and cost objectives, and facilitate safe and reliable water and wastewater operations that meet regulatory requirements.

> Wastewater Treatment

water and water treatment
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