Innovation in the energy and utilities industry

Ecoeffy supports the energy and utilities industry, providing tools to address the risks of a new environment and deriving value from their commercial and operational data.

Competition and efficiency pressures challenge the energy and service industry.

The regulatory and market environment is changing for these companies. Increased pressures for efficiency and loss reduction, coupled with deregulation of energy industry activities that can be competitive, lead these companies to assume new risks and promote more efficient management. The energy industry’s price competition with renewable energies and the pressure to manage environmental issues become the most important challenges.

In this sense, we support companies in:

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Thus, cost savings, capital expenditures during the initial design and construction phase, to reduced operations and maintenance (O&M) expenses, are some of the ways Ecoeffy supports the energy industry, helping to extend the total lifetime value of energy assets and reliability.

A focus on to maximize the life-cycle value of energy and utilities industry assets.

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Reduce labor waste, minimize safety incidents, foster collaborative work, manage risk and manage agile project production, with immediate access to integrated and accurate data in your daily operations.

Benefits for the operation of energy assets

Business model design

Develop new and agile business models with higher margins.

Improving regulatory compliance for public utilities

Improving regulatory compliance through digitization of information

Streamline your project processes

reduce schedules and increase collaboration with integrated engineering and design.

Manage risk

Manage risk and reduce overages with integrated enterprise resource management.

Monitoring and optimization

Monitor and optimize yields, control energy use and emissions, ensuring quality compliance and operational efficiency.

Increased utilization of utility assets

As a capital-intensive business, utilities require efficiency in the utilization of assets, equipment and over-dimensioned networks that run the risk of not being recognized in tariffs. Reduce downtime or stoppages due to scheduled and unexpected maintenance of productive assets, improving profitability.

Energy in today’s world

The global need for reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy is growing every day, challenging the electric power and natural gas production, distribution and marketing industry. Features such as high availability, cost efficiency and high quality of service are market and regulatory requirements. Keeping a power plant or transmission system operational and online is critical. The upgrade, the incorporation of digital Ecoeffy SAS or the installation of industrial automation systems is only a small percentage of the initial costs, but it significantly affects the design of the plant, as well as its structure, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

In many power plant upgrades, the power generation industry is implementing digital data transfer via remote field control systems. The remote control system allows remote parameterization and reading of maintenance information, which the field device transmits directly to the control system. Capital investments for these power generation plants are justified by reduced maintenance and the durability and reliability of system operation.

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