Solutions for the oil and gas industry

Technology Solutions for Oil & Gas

Digital Transformation for the Oil & Gas Industry

Maximize oil and gas production and operation using upstream, midstream and downstream technology.

To be successful, you need a strategy that allows you to manage the entire life cycle of your Oil & Gas operating assets. This means managing your assets safely, maximizing production and increasing profitability.

Digital technology can help you unite, analyze and manage your engineering, process and supply chain data in an intelligent and efficient way. It can also help you operate at the highest levels of corporate social responsibility.

Benefits for the Oil and Gas operation

With any investment manager, we are committed to the productivity and profitability of your investments and processes in an Oil and Gas operation.

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Value chain optimization

Benefit from visibility across the entire value chain in a unified environment, from planning to scheduling to inventory.
Oil and Gas

Production optimization

Turn data into valuable information with downtime analysis, backlog accounting and process optimization
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Asset performance management

Turn data into valuable information with downtime analysis, backlog accounting and process optimization
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Next generation workforce

Obtain information on potential equipment failures and digitize your maintenance procedures and activities.

The challenge for the Oil and Gas industry is data collection, industrial safety and collaboration.

Therefore, to improve collaboration and efficiency in decision making, as well as health, safety and environmental (HSE) management, oil and gas fields urgently need visualized production, effective collaboration and scientific decision making. Ecoeffy SAS, in collaboration with its partners, develops the Digital Oilfield Solution, which performs on-site oilfield data collection, video surveillance and collaborative voice services via microwave, eLTE and 5G. The fully connected and collaborative smart campus provides an unperceived experience and integrates Artificial Intelligence to monitor safety, implementing visualized production and highly optimized, unmanned reservoir management through streamlined processes.

Oil and gas solution

Intelligent IoT visualized and manageable

Therefore, reliable and stable carrier-class networks that are leaders in the power industry ensure a robust transmission of production data. Containerized IEF services support agile software development with dedicated applications and improved production efficiency through AI.

Device-cloud synergy platform

Create a centralized service development platform and an on-demand intelligent operation area platform to implement remote collaboration and data exchange at any location, shorten fault detection and processing time, and minimize loss of

Intelligent and efficient unattended operation

All-in-one design (integrated network, power supply, camera and edge intelligence devices) achieves efficient and reliable unattended operations through edge intelligence to quickly identify risks and exceptions, send unified converged communications and warnings

Some solutions implemented with our technology

Our technological base has allowed, among others, to integrate solutions with digital cameras, data collection and data analytics, on site. This allows for such things as:

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