Why does migrating from traditional to digital processes help in the supply chain?

Many companies, nationally and locally, do not control and supervise their transportation service and supply chain logistics management. As a result, the continued operation of the business is affected. They continue to carry out their activities with traditional or conventional processes, for different reasons, which may be, ignorance of the existence of the same, fear of change, or simply the preference to continue with what they know how to do and how they know how to do it. This hinders their agility and delays competition with other companies in the market.

Logistics management is one of the factors which are greatly benefited and optimized thanks to the digitalization of processes and the use of new systems as tools. 79% of companies with a digitized, high-performing supply chain 79% of companies with a high-performing, digitized supply chain report sales growth that results in increased profitability and profitability in operations.

logistics management

For every problem, we have a solution


Responsible logistics or field service management, need to improve the productivity of assets and people assigned to these tasks. and the people assigned to these tasks.


We provide BI and Data to help users understand the factors that drive the profitability and sustainability of their business.


There is no way to no way to monitor in real time the performance of tasks in the field, all analysis can be done after the fact. can be done afterwards.


We have a platform that allows you to collect in real time the geolocation the geolocation information of assets (vehicles, cargo, equipment, machinery, machinerymachinery, among others) and people.

A technological solution that allows to obtain the maximum profitability of the vehicle. Each installed car GPS allows for comprehensive monitoring of a car control system. Ideal for companies or enterprises that develop logistics processes or extensive supply chains, which require to improve the productivity of assets and people. improve the productivity of assets and people involved in these tasks. and of the people assigned to these tasks.

Thanks to our platform, you can now collect real-time geolocation information of assets (vehicles, cargo, equipment, machinery, among others) and people, through the integration of dashboards. Expand your asset tracking and
tracking and monitoring of your assets. Learn more about logistics management.

What our customers say

I have a courier and freight forwarding company in Bogota with operations throughout Colombia, we have as main tool the vehicles and clearly the drivers for the same, this software has helped me in the logistics management and that the budget that was being established, reduce and yield much more, while I know all the details of the operations. Recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still thinking about opting for our technological solutions to optimize your supply chain, you can always consult the most common questions about our service and support.

What benefits can be gained by incorporating technology solutions in the supply chain?

By utilizing innovative technology solutions, your company can experience greater efficiency in inventory management, improved supply chain visibility, more accurate production planning and reduced operating costs.

How to improve the visibility of my supply chain?

Technology solutions provide real-time tools and analytics that enable accurate tracking of products at every stage of the supply chain. This improves visibility and makes it easier to identify potential bottlenecks, delays or quality problems.

What kind of technological solutions are available to optimize the supply chain?

Various technological solutions are available, such as warehouse management systems (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, tracking and tracing platforms, demand forecasting tools, route optimization systems and process automation solutions.

How long does it take to implement these technological solutions in a company?

Implementation time may vary depending on the complexity of the supply chain and the scope of the technology solutions. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. It is important to have a proper implementation plan and a trained team to ensure a successful transition.

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