Manage contacts for service or sales with CRM

Having a good CRM allows you to streamline and automate content distribution and self-service support processes. Improving customer relations, empowering employees and optimizing products and operations ensures high productivity of work teams.

Today 95% of customers consider that loyalty goes hand in hand with customer service.

This is achieved by more efficiently monitoring the sales process and customer lifecycles – from initial contact to final sale, after-sales service and support. Gain an integrated view of your prospects and customers to better understand and meet their needs.

> Consult the use of artificial intelligence AI in Marketing



Track all sales opportunities and drive activities throughout the entire sales cycle, from the first contact, lead through closing the deal and addressing all customer requirements.


Create, manage and analyze each marketing strategy activity to convert prospects into customers and grow sales and profitability.


Contract Signing


Draft and manage warranty contracts and service agreements efficiently and enter and respond to service calls quickly.


Design detailed reports and presentations on all aspects of the sales process-from forecasting to pipeline tracking-using templates

customer management


Store all critical customer data in one place by synchronizing and managing customer contacts stored in Microsoft Outlook. At the same time, the organization’s public relations can be managed.


Empower your entire sales organization to manage information on the go anytime, anywhere and on any mobile device.

mobile sales

MODERNIZES customer service:

Gaining loyalty

  • Empower customers as users as virtual agents, where they find solutions.
  • Use Customer Services tools to provide them with specialized services.
  • Anticipate customer needs to build trust.

Empowering agents

  • It is intuitive the way they find information quickly.
  • A dynamic guide to optimize customer service processes.
  • Correct resources and data to make it deeper.
  • Human Resources

Staying agile.

  • Adapt quickly to changes in the company, market, etc.
  • Give important and relevant information to customers, go beyond.
  • Create a culture of customer service.

Use marketing resources that will help you generate demand.

1. The opportunity to expand coverage and generate more sales with a CRM.

Today 59% of customers say they must work with at least 3 different channels to address sales and customer service issues. Almost always these channels coexist in isolation, and in silos, 90% of customers have the expectation that their experience will be the same across all digital channels. Therefore, the huge opportunity arises in providing solutions to customers that allow them to unify and simplify their own customer experience through a CRM.

Creating an omnichannel experience, making use of information provided by artificial intelligence becomes very important, as well as guiding and supporting employees to integrate all this into their systems.

2. Where to start with the installation of a CRM?

great customer service

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