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How to make work more effective

The effective implementation of technology in human resources management requires a change of mentality and a creative attitude at all levels, which allows experimentation with new technologies. This improves team conditions, facilitates collaboration, eliminates difficult tasks and increases safety. Achieving a correct technological implementation in human resources management is essential to optimize results and promote an efficient and safe work environment.

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Human Resources

Find, manage and engage a diverse workforce.

Simplify and integrate tools to turn human resources management into an engine of motivation and personal development of your employees. Our focus is on engaging a diverse workforce through a self-service, self-organizing digital experience. Improve efficiency and job satisfaction by implementing intuitive and customized technology solutions. Empower your employees’ autonomy and active participation, fostering a modern and collaborative work environment. Achieve a more effective human resources management aligned with the needs and expectations of your team.


Communication of the organizational structure, new developments, external workforce, analysis and budgeting of expenditures.

Recruitment and Onboarding

Automation of the recruitment process, selection, assessment and then Onboarding.

Time and attendance management

Absence control, attendance control and work order management.

Performance and remuneration

Performance, succession, goal setting, fixed and variable compensation, data analytics for workforce performance measurement.

Digital transformation in human resources management

Where is your company located?

Facing the digital transformation in human management is crucial to ensure the success and future of your company or organization.

In addition, human management allows experimentation with technology, improving working conditions, eliminating difficult jobs and increasing safety, opening up possibilities that previously seemed impossible to control manually or intellectually.

Secure your company’s future by embracing digital transformation in human management, driving long-term growth and success.

Reflect on your current position and the demands of today's business environment:


Human management also gives rise to experimentation with technology; improving the working conditions of personnel by eliminating difficult jobs and increasing safety, performing operations that are impossible to control intellectually or manually.

From performance evaluation to salary settlement in the same workspace.

Automation is the transfer of human management processes to technological elements, such as production systems, manufacturing, robotics, vehicle control and information technology (IT). In the field of human management, automation through artificial intelligence (AI) must be part of a well-defined digital transformation strategy to ensure the long-term success of companies. It is essential to adopt this initiative to ensure the continuity and growth of both new and established companies.

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In Ecoeffy we have at your disposal strategic products to apply a correct and efficient human resources management.

Such as:

  • Remote work tools.
    • Management of business objectives
  • Data integration tools for decision making.
  • Customized data collection software
    • Incorporation of 4.0 technology in processes: Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Big Data, Integration Systems, Simulation and Cloud Technologies).
  • Production process control
  • Improving environmental sustainability
    • Cloud services and Microsoft enterprise licenses
  • Modern jobs
    • Microsoft Teams, for communication management, assignment and job management

Great Benefits

With the implementation of our products our customers find significant advantages in team performance and motivation.

Measurement of CO2 emissions

Today it is clear to all of us that human activity has affected natural resources and these are finite. Therefore, being able to leave it to our children is critical.

Administrative control

Thanks to advances in technology, administrative control is much easier to perform thanks to the digitalization and optimization of processes.

Effectiveness and Efficiency in Public Services

Recent research reveals that the average commercial building wastes 30 percent of its energy and water consumption.

Increases motivation

Having the resources oriented to make the work more effective, allows to achieve great results, which implies a high motivation.

Do you have any idea of digitizing a process

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