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Microsoft Teams is the teamwork area of Microsoft 365, which integrates users, content and tools to improve everyone’s engagement, enthusiasm and efficiency.

All in one place.

Everything you need to have the best workspace at home.

With Microsoft Teams, chat, meet, call and collaborate, wherever you are.

Stay connected and organized. Achieve better results together at work, at school and in life with Microsoft Teams.

Office Applications

Office applications facilitate the exchange of information and the creation of corporate data. Power Bi creates dynamics and collaborative efforts.


Bring employees, colleagues, customers and suppliers closer together. Creating flexible communication channels for work teams. Where everyone shares information.

Content analysis and auditing

With the support of Bots and content analysis, control panels are built; with details on time allocation and dedication to projects. Very useful in assessing dedicated project work or responsibility.

Applications and services

The organization of information, together with task automation, improves work productivity. Keeping the focus on supporting the development and human management function.

Bots and Connectors

To some extent, Bots can serve as virtual assistants, recommending, alerting and suggesting. All from interconnecting corporate information.

Chats, calls and meetings

Effective real-time communication on virtual work. Collaborate in real time with screen sharing and integrated applications. Start meetings instantly with a single click. Keep the team engaged.

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Doing more with less effort is possible today.

Working with bots, data integration and task automation are key to process productivity.

Labor productivity is now a key to business success.

Boost remote working across your organization with Teams Microsoft

Below you will find some of the applications where Teams offers great advantages. Discover the characteristics of modern workplaces.

MIcrosoft Teams

Simplify your workday

Learn best practices for a smooth transition to a hybrid work environment with Teams. Find out how you can

  1. Online information sharing between teams,
  2. Collaborate online,
  3. Team building and facilitating discussion,
  4. Analyze alternatives and draw conclusions and
  5. Reaching agreements quickly.
  6. Reduce the number and time spent in meetings.

Production and Logistics

Manage inventories, assess lead times and retooling levels of raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods.

Human Resources

Manage the allocation of recruitment, training and variable compensation resources. In particular, the evaluation of the fulfillment of objectives for everyone in the organization. With quick access to control settings and file sharing.


Easily write and share proposals online with team members and key stakeholders. Manage sales planning, training and sales preparation all in one place.

Information technology

Transform IT project planning and execution. The use of organized communication channels gives you the ability to instantly collaborate with your teammates with our it consulting.


Gather and report financial performance data. Hassle-free, in one place; with integrated applications and sharing functions.


Move quickly between ideation, development and implementation. The use of integrated tools for engineering, construction and simulation.


Strategize, share and collaborate in real time to coordinate go-to-market activities and deliver campaigns to internal and external stakeholders.

All this because before the meetings the available information is presented, everyone adopts positions and needs regarding the issues: in this way the agreements are reached in a simpler and more gratifying way.

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