Digital technology for business success.

Ecoeffy offers a powerful solution based on digital technology that combines artificial intelligence and data analytics to control every business process. More than a data flow, manage key variables: % asset utilization, statistical behaviors, forecasts and identify optimization opportunities.

You need a control system for your company

At Ecoeffy, we help design and implement a system with digital technology that helps keep your employees focused on the results of critical processes.

Focusing efforts on improving the performance and effectiveness of collaborative work allows us to achieve our objectives.

Having the information in real time allows adjustments to be made to ensure compliance with the the goals to ensure compliance with planned goals, improving the profitability of assets and achieving customer satisfaction.

We are experts in process management

Optimizing Processes with Digital Technology

Improvement Indicators


Marketing and sales KPIs. Sales force performance.


Asset management, resource productivity. Supply chain


Identifying, measuring probability and impact.


Opportunity identification, formulation and approval. Planning and execution.

Digital technology

What benefits will be obtained after starting the Industry 4.0 process?

By integrating and leveraging internal and external data, we are able to reduce environmental impact, grow sustainably and improve operational efficiency.

Control system for ESG indicators.

The challenge is effective ESG data collection.

Data collection is one of the biggest weaknesses when it comes to the preparation of monitoring systems for sustainability or ESG indicators, especially since the process often involves multiple systems and stakeholders spread across different teams.


We don’t work to create reports that no one looks at. We focus on creating online processes so that everyone in the organization is aware of and supports the improvement of these indicators.


They examine each performance as a steward of the natural environment.


It focuses on how the company treats people.


They examine how a company governs itself.

Products and services based on digital technology

We transform companies.

We support future-proof companies.

We are experts in software development and hardware incorporation.

All-in-One Solutions

Innovative technological solutionsin software, hardware and communications.

Value proposition

External IT support

Support service, infrastructure management, development team, CIO on demand

Value proposition

AI-based solutions

Data integration and digitization of business processes based on different uses of AI.

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Industries we work with

We are innovative, experienced in diverse industries and work with passion to solve our clients’ complex challenges throughout their organization.

Financial Services

Energy transition

Food and Agriculture

Mining and Metals

Oil and gas

Urban cities and municipalities

Public Services

Transportation and logistics

Pharmaceutical and laboratories

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