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Having sound finances in a company is an issue that can be of concern to many managers. Even more so, in those companies that develop land transportation activities, given their capital intensity.

If these companies do not have a good asset turnover or are not careful enough to ensure a good margin, they can easily go bankrupt. To provide a solution, there are SaaS tools, Software as a Service, which allow to create strategies to optimize expenses in a company, and to make a real budget. So, if you want better financial results

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A trucking company should always have a good financial management, so that, in times of financial crisis, the organization can not be so affected. For this reason, having our Land Transportation Management Software allows you to collect information and optimize budgets, and to consolidate sustainable development actions.

Why our Ground Transportation Management Software?

Profitability as an objective

Our focus is on profitability of the investment in the assetssimplicity of processes and providing people with the information they need to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. y with quality

Integration capacity

We integrate with other platforms such as ERP‘sSCM, CRM and Microsoft Office 365 tools.

Service breadth

Few solutions extract data from the vehicle’s computer. This makes vehicle maintenance and operation more efficient.

What our customers say

I have a courier company and ground transportation of goods in Bogota with operations throughout Colombia, we have as main tool the vehicles and clearly the drivers for the same, this software has helped me in the logistics management of ground transportation, while I know all the details of the operations. Recommended!

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