Meet the new GPS for cars, specialized for fleet tracking and control.

A technological solution that allows to obtain the maximum profitability of the vehicle. Each installed car GPS allows for comprehensive integral monitoring monitoring. Ideal for companies or enterprises that develop logistics processes or extensive supply chains, which require to improve the productivity of assets and people. improve the productivity of assets and people involved in these tasks. and of the people assigned to these tasks.

  • Thanks to our platform, you can now collect real-time geolocation information of assets (vehicles, cargo, equipment, machinery, among others) and people, through the integration of dashboards. Expand your asset tracking andtracking and monitoring of your assets.

Learn more about how to digitize your business processes and make them more efficient.

GPS for cars

Did you know that ...


of companies with supply chains are growing in sales


They have no supply chain visibility.


of cost reduction resulting from transportation management software or TMS

Fleet Management Software

Enjoy functionality and innovation


Tracking and tracing

Monitor vehicle location in real time, view trip history, set routes, send messages and tasks to drivers, get reports with notifications and much more!

Connect and integrate

Connect drivers, vehicles, tasks, routes, KPIs and all other data on a single platform. Connect it to other systems and web services using APIs.


Get data from the CANbus monitor the vehicle’s fuel level and consumption, monitor and fuel consumption,rate drivers on their driving style their driving style,wasted fuel and much more!

GPS for cars

Main characteristics

Reports and alarms

Customize reports and notifications.

Routing and tasks

Create routes with tasks and send them to drivers.


Receive notifications when maintenance is required.


Manage vehicles with work zones work predefined.

Driver identification

Fatigue sensors, breathalyzer.

Driver identification

Fatigue sensors, alcoholism


Rank drivers by driving, fuel use and efficiency.

Fuel module

Level and consumption information.

Time analysis

Manage driving and resting times.

Tachograph module

Vehicle data download.

Car GPS Testimonials

I have a courier and freight forwarding company in Bogota with operations throughout Colombia, we have as main tool the vehicles and clearly the drivers for the same, this GPS for cars and vehicles has helped me in the logistical management in the budget I was setting, reduce and yield much more, while I know all the details of the operations. Recommended!

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