The business world needs new working methods and higher labor productivity.

Companies need to improve labor productivity, i.e., to do more with less effort from their employees.

Today, it is clear to everyone that the business world is changing. There are many economic sectors that have experienced drops in income, low percentages of infrastructure utilization, transfer of workers to remote work modalities, the need to adjust their costs to their income, among others, are some of the relevant facts of the current situation, for all this, labor productivity has taken on special relevance. Therefore, it is clear that the only way out for companies is to become more efficient, which requires two things: high sales growth and high employee productivity.

However, in times of crisis, the qualities of good managers are highlighted. A responsible manager cannot wait immobile for the situation to recover, and return, as if by magic, to the situation we had before, because it is very likely that it will never come.

We are convinced that new challenges inspire new opportunities to build better things and re-design, not only business models, but also the ways of working for employees who will have to do much more, with less, with much less. do much more, with less.. This translates into an improvement in the productivity of the employees’ work in the company.

In this sense, in order to achieve productivity in the work of its employees, it must have the following characteristics:

Collaborative Work

It will no longer be viable to have departments and people working in isolation and autonomously. The changing and highly uncertain environment can only be overcome when communication between employees, between areas and between hierarchical levels is innate, fluid, fast, sincere and proactive. Secrecy has gone out of fashion and the democratization of knowledge is the key, as well as normalizing teamwork in virtual work.

collaborative teamwork

collaborative work

Automation with robots

automation robot

Task automation

It is necessary to implement the automation of tasks that add little value to the company. For this purpose, it is very convenient to delegate self-service to the customers and suppliers themselves. Through simple, high-impact digital solutions. Do not try to automate 100% of a process, focus on bottlenecks, sub-processes where poor service is provided, those that are manual and prone to human error, and those that generate the need to invest overtime.

Work effectiveness and productivity

Automate processes that are structured and aligned with job and business objectives. Technology today enables employees and their managers to value the time spent on achieving job goals and meeting service level agreements.

Effectiveness of the effort


Work-life balance

personal life and work

Balance between work, learning and family

The flexibility offered by working at home represents a new challenge. concentration times are reduced and distanced in time.


Avoid developing everything in house: it is necessary to seek help because there are solutions already designed and operating that can be easily implemented at low costs.

Working with allies


Quick test

quick test

Fast and low-cost testing

In many occasions, large market or product studies will not be possible. Therefore, all employees should be empowered to take on small trials to test markets, methodologies and products. In this sense, failure will be rewarded.

Scalability is necessary

Linked to the concept of doing more with less. There is the need to handle large volumes of information. Particularly in commercial matters, many more customers are required to sustain an operation. But to reach a customer you have to contact 100 potential customers, who ask for particular information requests. All this is only possible with Artificial Intelligence models, which make supply, price and product decisions for each customer.



It requires dedicating time to learn the use of digital tools, to organize the objectives of teams and people, the use of automation technologies. Given the need for agility in the processes, the implementation of digital solutions will not be in the head of the IT areas:

It is changing the way we work and learn.

Together we have inspired new solutions that shape our future

Companies in Colombia consider automation as a tool for growth, of vital importance because of the savings in time, money and efficiency that will improve work productivity.

Business, products and purchasing relationships are now more digital by customer demand. >> consult with a digital strategy consultant.

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