Get to know the task management tool: Microsoft Get to know the task management tool:

 All companies are at a juncture where it is essential to develop a culture of digital interaction, especially when your results depend on a virtual team working with customers and suppliers to optimize the coordination capacity that allows the fulfillment of objectives and goals. In this opportunity, we would like to comment on a Microsoft tool that is little known and is very useful for organizing tasks in work groups or business projects. You will find some tips that come from our experience and have been useful in our day to day work and that of our clients. It is especially relevant in these times of Pandemic. Planner is included in all Microsoft Office 365 licenses. >>purchase a trial license of Microsoft O365 with us.
What is Microsoft PlannerIt is the task planning application of the Microsoft Office 365 platform, for those who are familiar with the subject, it is similar to Trello. Its main objective is to maintain focus on the development of the agreed tasks.Allows users to:
  • Create plans, set up and assign tasks,
  • Break down projects into tasks, tasks into steps,
  • File sharing,
  • Detail the characteristics of the deliverables,
  • The interaction between team members and
  • Receive progress updates through notifications and due date alerts.
Planner is used to get organized quickly, allowing not only the leader but also all project members to understand how tasks are progressing according to processes and stages from any device. 
Tips for collaborative work in efficient teams

The following are some actions that have helped us in following up on the execution of tasks through Planner:

Annual or kickoff meeting – kickoff meeting

It will review or establish the strategic objectives for the year and for each month, when it corresponds to a group of a functional organization. And the project objectives for a project-based organization. It establishes and agrees on the goals for the period and the strategies adopted to achieve them.Another important function of this kick-off meeting is the establishment of measurement and progress indicators, in accordance with the objectives formulated. In general, these can be: growth (%), profitability, quality or customer service.

Facilitate a weekly meeting and plan

It details the tasks to be performed during the week, with clear deadlines and deliverables. Likewise, progress is monitored to help identify difficulties and articulate support within the team. Our weekly meeting comprises the following spaces:Informal connection and team bonding (10 minutes)Review of weekly assignments and deliverables (15 minutes)It consists of a review of the status of each task. It allows us to identify obstacles and, based on this update, to make decisions in order to move forward.Review of goals and % gap (10 minutes)Monitoring of indicators or KPIsConclusions: New priorities and weekly tasks (5 minutes)It serves to make visible and incorporate the new tasks that arise to lead the project to move forward.

Planning and prioritizing: keys for a virtual work team

When you are part of a virtual work team, it is important to keep in mind the objectives of each project in the area in which you work and, based on them, establish the goals to be met during the daily workday. This contributes to better decision making and higher productivity of personal work. Whether working remotely or at their computer desktops in the office

In the same way, it is important to organize the activities by level of importance, establishing the time invested in each of the tasks, so that the most productive moments of the day can be dedicated to them. This helps to foresee possible difficulties, as well as to correct and improve them in a timely manner.

Likewise, a successful organization of time contributes to the increase of valuation within the company, projecting efficiency and leadership, which allows for career advancement and the development of new projects. But most importantly, it strengthens your self-esteem and motivates you to keep up the same pace the next day.

One of the first concerns that may arise in the decision to implement a virtual work team, both in large and small companies, is the following managing equipment efficiently is easier with a Samsung Galaxy A24, fulfilling the obligation of the keep to a schedule in accordance with current labor regulations.
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