IT consulting to public entities and companies

IT consulting to leverage technology as a competitive advantage by accompanying the digital transformation. The aggressive environment demands the use of technology to deliver better customer experiences and be more productive. If you don’t change, they change you. Hire our consultancy.

Digital Transformation Support

IT Consulting and Advisory Services

Every system must only meet the requirements of the process it supports. We diagnose and recommend improvements to strategic processes.


Maintenance and Improvements

Preventive and corrective maintenance in hardware and software, evolutionary and scalable improvements.


Vulnerability and availability cost assessment of IT systems and assessment of feasibility of improvements.

Audit and Assessment

Process auditing, segregation of duties, roles and profiles, security and interfaces.

Capacity and Performance

Validating capacity and flexibility to respond to demand needs, maintaining expected service rates.

Project Development

Greenfield and Brownfield project management in CRM, ESP or MES. Technological solutions by industry and locations.

Everything must improve, if you don’t change, the market changes you! You just have to decide to start.

The agility of today’s market is undeniable. Competition is fierce, the times of quiet and stable business are over. Today, uncertainty is the common factor.

We have discovered that most of the activities, which are performed in companies, are rarely done by means of computer programs or different types of disconnected and simple information systems. For example, spreadsheets are widely used. In the face of data growth, service delivery changes and technological changes, IT consulting is beneficial to organizations.

IT consulting companies or also known as IT consulting; we are part of a new business model that helps companies to benefit from their experience variety of technological tools and a good management of technology. This is why, above all, they ensure greater efficiency in processes, building data models that provide important knowledge for the business. As well as a competitive advantage and improve the security of such information.

IT consulting helps clients to manage their information, better understand the industry and be able to face new challenges and create strategies that help them in their business.

ConsuItory phases

Consultancies are generally divided into the same 4 phases of a project:

  1. Diagnosis where the situation is evaluated and problems and issues to be improved are identified.
  2. Design of an action plan that establishes what is to be done based on the results of the diagnosis;
  3. Implementation of the plan, phase in which the action plan is applied; and finally
  4. evaluation of results.

In this last phase, a diagnosis is made again and compared with the initial situation. If a recurrent monitoring service is contracted, evaluation processes will be carried out from time to time to assess the actions. In any case, consulting depends on the sector, the type of consulting firm and the client’s preferences, so it may happen that more emphasis is placed on some of these phases than on others.

Computer consultancies can focus on computer maintenance, which consists of computer maintenance, hardware repair, custom software installation, security and technical support. Or it can be oriented to the management of social networks and the positioning and traffic of the web page, that is to say a SEO and social networks consultancy.

Another type of consulting can focus on the professional design and development of a website that meets the requirements necessary to ensure the business objectives.

It can also be an e-commerce consultancy. E-commerce has become a growing sector. Consulting for linear sales consists of market research, pricing strategy and selection of the most appropriate content management systems.

There are also online marketing consultants and cloud storage for copying or retrieving information.

What do IT consultants do?

Basically, they are in charge of guiding companies on all IT issues that have to do with each organization. The consultants recommend different systems according to the needs and expectations of each of the companies, so that they can make a guided and informed decision on the subject.

The need for IT consulting arises from the fact that many times decisions are made on the subject without having adequate knowledge, and as a result, poor programming can have serious consequences for the business.

IT consulting not only installs, implements and manages IT systems, but also advises on how to develop and finance technology and IT projects to achieve the organization’s business objectives.

A technology consultancy can be carried out with a professional services firm with specialized employees, with an outsourcing of independent consultants or with associated consulting firms.

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