Learn how to maximize the technological tools in companies.

Our help desk service is specialized to get the most out of the technological tools your company currently has.

The technological tools of an organization support to guarantee the complete effectiveness and efficiency of the activities developed by the company. Learn about the benefits of efficient document management.

This system provides a strategic approach to the implementation, execution and monitoring of all IT services and IT investments of the organization, enabling it to meet the demands of consumers.

The digital transformation brought about by the management of technological tools makes it possible to centralize and automate a myriad of business processes that are executed daily in a large part of the companies that have adopted digitization.

It is an essential process to guarantee the operation, adaptability and usefulness of the company’s technological and IT resources, in order to obtain increasingly efficient processes and more motivated employees.

Some characteristics


Meet the three categories of functionalities provided by the software, ideal for companies that perform logistics processes, transportation of goods or shipments.

Vehicle tracking

Monitor the real-time vehicle location of your shipments, view trip history, set routes, send messages and tasks to drivers, get reports with notifications and much more!

Connect and integrate

Connect drivers, vehicles, tasks, routes, KPIs and all other data on a single platform. Connect it to other systems and web services using APIs.


Get vehicle CANbus data, monitor fuel level and consumption, rate drivers for driving style, wasted fuel and much more!



What our consulting clients say about the technological tools we build

Within the company, we have multiple computers, software and in general an infrastructure of technological tools, however, we did not take full advantage of what we had at that time, I recommend other companies to digitize their processes and to exploit the maximum services, with the consultancy that EcoEffy provides.

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