Data protection: risks and care

As data proliferation increases and our reliance on online storage and access to that data grows, so does the need for data management and personal data protection in custom software development. Over the years, government and other agencies have taken an interest in how we use and share data, especially data containing personal information, such as financial and health data.

It may be useful to consider compliance management in three phases:

  • Evaluation. Assessing compliance risk and attitude with actionable insights
  • Protection. Protect and control sensitive data across devices, applications and cloud services
  • Response. Intelligently respond to data discovery requests by leveraging artificial intelligence to find the most relevant data.

Microsoft introduces its tool to facilitate compliance with the standards of:

The proposed steps for risk management in complying with data protection regulations are as follows:

  1. Simplify compliance risk assessment and posture with actionable information
  2. Integrate protection and governance of sensitive data across devices, apps and cloud services.
  3. Respond intelligently to data discovery request by leveraging AI to find the most relevant data.

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Want to learn more about Microsoft tools that make it easier to demonstrate compliance with personal data management policies and ISO 27000 standards?

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