Energy Efficiency

Innovation in energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Process digitization presents great opportunities for energy efficiency

Reducing energy consumption per unit of product

Companies with high consumption of electricity or gas rely on Ecoeffy to promote their energy efficiency projects and empower their staff to provide agility and awareness in the development of actions.

Combustion Efficiency


Thanks to on-line flue gas monitoring, it is possible to increase combustion efficiency levels. In addition, acquire and manage data on your energy use process intelligently throughout the production cycle.

industrial factory


Reduce energy waste, idle equipment operation, manage risk and manage agile product production with immediate access to integrated and accurate data in your daily operations.

Energy efficiency benefits

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Empowers human resources

Ecoeffy makes the job easier and motivates the people responsible for a process to act immediately when an energy efficiency opportunity arises.

Monitoring and Optimization

Monitor and optimize yields, control energy use and emissions, ensuring compliance with quality, energy and operational efficiency. As well as the profitability of energy investments

Streamline your project processes

reduce schedules and increase collaboration with integrated engineering and design.

Manage risk

Manage risk and reduce overages with integrated enterprise resource management.

Process innovation

Streamline process innovation and batch production

Reduce unit costs

Manage your projects and reduce unit costs with intelligent data management

How does control and monitoring work?

The energy management component in an operation control system or SCADA system is a relatively easy to implement module.

Requires 2 components:

  1. Capture and actuation system
  2. And the data model, with optimization and forecasting functions.

The best part is that in most cases, all investments pay for themselves within a period of one year.

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