Every day, mobile devices are a more important part of a company’s work.

Entrepreneurs have understood that having mobile applications and good management of Android devices is part of the digital transformation. As a result, it brings great economic benefits, improved customer satisfaction through faster turnaround times and improved quality of life for employees.

However, the proper management of a large number of devices requires tools that provide flexibility and agility in this task.In particular, information security is a priority. reduce risks and have useful information at hand.

The cell phone is essential for efficient work

A statistic from fiercemobileit highlights the effect it has had on the effectiveness of the work.

of Executives say it improves productivity.
of employees spend more than 2 hours per week consulting company information on their cell phones.
Mobile applications increased worker productivity by one percent:
Android Device Management

Boost your business with the Android device manager.

A Mobile Device Manager (MDM) brings more agility, productivity and efficiency to devices; through Android Device Management and automated mobile and tablet support.

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Protect your devices and data

An MDM helps you secure your devices and provide enterprise security, in compliance with data protection regulations, within your organization.

You can easily encrypt all your confidential information. Separate personal use from business use by enforcing passwords, screenshots and preventing the use of undesirable applications.

Protect devices and data
Control of use

View device availability, usage and data online.

Having online information on available equipment, location, data plan usage, performance, among others, can be useful for each employee and supervisor to have information on productivity and daily or hourly performance.

Save time by automating tasks

Automation capabilities allow you to work more efficiently by quickly enrolling and configuring devices. Getting rid of manual tasks will help reduce human error and ensure data protection of your mobile devices.

Control the use of devices

With an MDM Device Manager for Android, IOS and Harmoni devices, you will have full control of device usage in your organization. You can remotely install configurations to the device, as well as manage application usage, access dashboards, reports and more. Manage them in case of loss.

Control devices

Why is device management a must for every business?

Small businesses face IT and operational challenges similar to those of large corporations. Employees must work with the same efficiency, using the same device models, operating systems and applications as employees in larger companies. Therefore, SMEs should have the same access to “enterprise level” technology solutions.

Given the continuous changes in processes due to innovation and process improvement, ensuring that all equipment is available in the required configuration is a challenge that can only be achieved with a good MDM.

Most SMBs do not employ a full-time, on-site IT professional, and may rely on the services of an external IT service provider. But sometimes, the business owner or one of the employees is responsible for ensuring that employees have the necessary hardware, software and connectivity to do their jobs. In this case, a cloud-based MDM solution could be a smart choice for Android Device Management.


    Examples of SMEs that can benefit from MDM

    • An accounting firm that holds clients’ confidential financial data in email applications on their cell phones.
    • A retail store or restaurant that uses mobile devices as point-of-sale terminals.
    • A medical office with desktop and tablet computers accessing medical records.
    • A building maintenance company whose field operations staff uses reliable, rugged Wi-Fi enabled devices to send data to the home office.
    • A small law firm whose attorneys and legal staff use document management software both in the office and on the go via tablets and smartphones.
    • Logistics companies that manage on mobile devices, checking and recording of inventories.
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