Teleworking, an opportunity to improve quality of life

Deliver the best virtual desktop and teleworking experience

Enable remote work or telecommuting for your workers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, putting the safety of their employees, customers and communities first, organizations around the world migrated, where possible, to remote work at home or telecommuting. This situation remained after many employees found ways to better manage their time and achieve a better balance between work and family time.

The challenge of technology is to offer the same tools, resources and experience as if they were in the office.

This allows for more productive workers, collaborating at a distance, in any place or time.

The following is a guide to enable remote work.

Remote Access

“EMPOWER people to remain productive[.

“Information security and integrity

SECURITY AND CONTROL by providing access to remote applications and equipment.

With telework turn your computer into your office!

Above all, protect the health of employees, customers and suppliers “Ask for a demonstration! b

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“Chat and collaboration With the individual chat, informal and agile communication is favored, and the group chat is a fast and collaborative off-line diffusion channel.

“Simultaneous communication that shares image and sound, there is greater interaction or group broadcasting.

“Applications and workflow”. In a single place, the information to carry out the responsibilities in charge is organized.

“Videocall Security, ease of use and high availability

A virtual desktop or telework not only applies from home, but from anywhere


Information workers

Deliver a powerful meeting, collaboration and workflow experience to teleworkers

Front-line workers

Connect workers to the rest of the organization with a digital tool for communication, collaboration and shifts.

Workers Health, schools and government

Enable remote working and learning with industry-specific governance and compliance.

Participate in interactive online meetings with video and chat

Have a conversation with a colleague or customer.

Conduct an equipment upgrade or brainstorming session.”

Offer a training workshop.

Collaborate with people inside and outside your organization

Beam 1: 1 and group chats

File co-authoring and conversation tracking.

Organize team projects through a chat channel.

Automate workflows with low-code tools 

When working remotely, paper-based processes are difficult

Having visibility of activities across all teams can be a challenge

When working remotely, it is important to have aligned objectives

No printer, no problem. Easily streamline processes such as inventory management.

Now anyone can digitize processes such as approvals

Consolidate data, incorporate dashboards with information and foster a data-driven culture.

You will never use email again

Experience shows that any information transferred by e-mail is inefficient. Both for the receiver and the sender. It lacks any structure. And in virtual office scheme, you can contact more easily by chat, ask questions and get quicker answers.

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