4 stages for the use of enterprise IoT.

The cloud computing has been a catalyst for accelerating the use of IoT Industry 4.0 among enterprises. Cloud computing made it possible to connect devices (sensors or machines) to traditional line-of-business applications such as ERP and asset tracking platforms.


Command and Control

Business Intelligence

The evolution of telemetry

We are now able to capture data, process it and analyze it.

Slow but effective process

Evolution of IoT Industry 4.0

Cloud-based Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platforms are making it possible for organizations of all sizes to create applications that improve productivity and efficiency. In general, they operate on a pay-per-use model, facilitating their use by many customers.


Finding the basic data to monitor requires knowledge of the business and production processes.


Uploading data to the cloud allows the creation of response and control algorithms.

Team management

Finding the alignment to the new digital era of equipment, processes and other business KPIs brings the first benefits in practice.

Business Intelligence

Telemetry data can be used to improve operational efficiency, production efficiency and resource optimization.

What is a Tracking Dashboard?


The advantages of a dashboard is to be an information visualization tool to track key variables or KPIs of a business, a job or a project.

There are many advantages of a dashboard, when in a single image you can know if the variable conforms to the forecast and thus take action to correct deviations. By visualizing data, dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide users with a quick and comprehensive understanding of the current situation versus an ideal forecast.

Advantages of a Dashboard



They come from vehicle dashboards

If you think about it, dashboards are used in the same way as car dashboards.
Under the hood of your car, there can be hundreds of independent processes that impact the performance of your vehicle. A dashboard presents the status of the critical variables of these hidden processes; using visualizations the driver has the peace of mind to concentrate on operating his vehicle safely and to be able to drive it smoothly and safely. Efficiency to its destination. In addition to the processes complex processes they carry out under the hood. 

Information management and coordination tool 

A well-designed dashboard report is a remarkable information management and administrative control tool. For drivers, the dashboards allow them to concentrate on operating their vehicle safely, getting to their goal and negotiating the various hazards on the road. The same is true for business users: dashboards simplify complex processes into manageable and digestible chunks of information so that they can focus on the day-to-day running of the business, which are then included in reports and presentations.


Mobility is the best ally

Productivity is drastically improved by incorporating the use of mobile devices and the advantages of a dashboard.

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Get more value from your data

Data is one of a company’s most valuable assets. However, extracting value from this data is often a difficult task. A well-designed dashboard has many advantages over a dashboard, especially in its ability to inform users across the organization and provide access to the most relevant metrics .All members of your team can use a dashboard to manage their performance.

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Consolidate multiple data sources

By their very nature, dashboards collect data from multiple data sources to provide a single interface to the results. This reduces the amount of time and effort to compile reports, log into multiple analytics services and share data with everyone in the enterprise. Dashboards offer the opportunity to expose metrics to a wider audience within your organization.

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Aligning effort between departments

As the saying goes, “data don’t lie”. When it comes to interdepartmental activities, scorecards serve the function of providing an objective view of current and shared performance and can effectively serve as a common ground for further dialogue. For example, sales and marketing must be aligned with the customer acquisition process. Dashboards can display metrics that are relevant to each team in a way that is mutually understandable.

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High personal unemployment

Many times workers suffer from distractions that cause them to lose time and affect their performance indicators regardless of the work they perform in the company. Dashboards focus them on what is really important in their function, while offering autonomy to obtain information and take actions that concentrate their efforts. Many times over urgent issues.

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Alarms and monitoring

The fact of having a total integration of the organization’s data brings many practical advantages, by incorporating alarms or alerts when any variable is out of the established parameters. A control panel that nobody looks at is of little benefit; but if alerts are generated when something happens, it is also very useful.

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Improved reaction times

In the past, when reports were weeks late and done only at month-end close, response times to opportunities or threats were equally bad. Now you can react immediately, reducing risks and losses.

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