Transportation service routes, how to control and supervise

Monitors and controls the activity of all transport service vehicles.

The route planning system in logistics works in exactly the same way. The main objective of transportation service route planning is to generate the highest possible profit while expending the least amount of what is route planning in logistics? And how to develop a delivery and distribution route design for my company?

Therefore, relying on a system for route planning for the transport service can be the solution, since it indicates all the stages for the service to be provided with quality and in the shortest possible time. In addition, the tool optimizes resources and makes the customer even more satisfied.

transport service

Freight forwarding is included in what is known as transport services in the logistics sector. It plays an essential role in the process and the cost of transportation is called freight.

In general, the transfer is made from a certain point of departure to the customer, although during the process the goods may pass through both storage and loading and unloading areas.

It is interesting to note that in the transport service shipments need not necessarily be unidirectional as they can also occur from the customer to the producer. from the customer to the producer.

We have a platform that allows you to collect real-time geolocation information of assets (vehicles, cargo, equipment, machinery, among others) and people. Allows to have a historical record of routes, times at stops, measurement of effective time in operation, among other historical data.


I have a courier and freight forwarding company in Bogota with operations throughout Colombia, we have as main tool the vehicles and clearly the drivers for the same, this software has helped me in the transport service I provide and that the budget that was being established, reduce and yield much more, while I know all the details of the operations. Recommended!

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