4 stages for the use of enterprise IoT.

The cloud computing has been a catalyst for accelerating the use of IoT Industry 4.0 among enterprises. Cloud computing made it possible to connect devices (sensors or machines) to traditional line-of-business applications such as ERP and asset tracking platforms.


Command and Control

Business Intelligence

The evolution of telemetry

We are now able to capture data, process it and analyze it.

Slow but effective process

Evolution of IoT Industry 4.0

Cloud-based Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platforms are making it possible for organizations of all sizes to create applications that improve productivity and efficiency. In general, they operate on a pay-per-use model, facilitating their use by many customers.


Finding the basic data to monitor requires knowledge of the business and production processes.


Uploading data to the cloud allows the creation of response and control algorithms.

Team management

Finding the alignment to the new digital era of equipment, processes and other business KPIs brings the first benefits in practice.

Business Intelligence

Telemetry data can be used to improve operational efficiency, production efficiency and resource optimization.

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