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Real-time content control and monitoring

Take advantage of the IoT technology of our detectors to monitor gas quality parameters in real time, allowing you to make informed decisions instantly and automate processes.

Which detectors are suitable for your case?

In an industrial world where precision and safety are a priority, selecting the right gas detector is crucial. Our devices are divided into two main categories: fixed detectors, ideal for monitoring gas streams in industrial processes, and mobile detectors, perfect for monitoring the atmosphere in different locations.

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In industrial environments, ensuring a safe working environment is a priority.


By having real-time data on the different components such as methane, ammonia, H2S, and CO.


With Mobile Detectors in Hazardous Gas Environments such as CO and O3.

High Accuracy

For critical industrial processes, we ensure continuous and accurate measurements.


Combustion efficiency


Customers in Latam




Cost reduction

What is a Gas Detector?

A gas detector is an essential device that measures and identifies the presence of hazardous gases in the environment. We offer two types: fixed detectors, which are installed at a specific point for continuous monitoring, and mobile detectors, which can be taken to different locations for local atmosphere testing.

Benefits of our solutions

Increased Workplace Safety

Con nuestros detectores fijos y mobiles, las empresas pueden prevenir accidentes graves y crear ambientes de trabajo más seguro en espacios confinados.

Compliance with Standards and Regulations

Ensure full compliance with local and international safety regulations, avoiding fines and penalties.

Process optimization and efficiency

To ensure the best quality levels in industrial processes, such as pharmaceutical production and water treatment.

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detectores fijos

Detector supply service

With a single monthly cost per device, it includes all of your needs.


Certification Guarantee.


Preventive and corrective included.


Management of inter-site deliveries.

High Availability

Forget about damaged equipment.


Initial investment is zero.

Customized design

Customized designs for all kinds of needs


It works for all dimensions.

Business Agility

Short implementation times.

Durability and robustness

designed to operate in harsh industrial environments.

Cost reduction

Efficiency of personnel, processes and assets.

Accelerated Innovation

Don’t worry about detailed purchasing processes.

Don’t wait for an incident to reveal the need for portable gas detection equipment.

Secure your work environment today

Contact us today to find out how our gas monitoring equipment can provide you with the peace of mind and safety your business needs.

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